Empowering Healthier Communities

New global healthcare company, Viatris, has a bold vision and a wealth of expertise. Here, Ayman Mokhtar, Viatris’ Regional President of Middle East, Turkey, and the Levant, speaks about the company’s footprint in the region, and highlights the challenges and opportunities shaping the sector.

What can you tell us about Viatris?

Viatris is a new global healthcare company that was formed in November 2020 through the combination of Mylan and Upjohn, a legacy division of Pfizer. The mission of Viatris is to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life by expanding access to medicines, regardless of geography or circumstance. We strive to advance responsible, sustainable operations and targeted innovation to improve patient health. We are committed to connecting more people to more products and health services by leveraging our collective expertise.

What healthcare lessons have the Middle East and wider world learned from COVID-19? 

In the Middle East region, as is the case across the world, the pandemic has spotlighted the gaps that exist in healthcare. However, it has also reinforced the relationship between health and economic wealth and stability, and it has forced countries to prioritize investment in healthcare infrastructure. The private healthcare sector overall has showcased the value of partnership and collective collaboration for sustainable solutions, and public-private partnerships will be the key levers to address present and future challenges in the Middle East. 

What are the major challenges that the healthcare sector is currently facing and what plans does Viatris have to help combat them?

COVID-19 is the major, most visible, challenge that all healthcare sectors across the world are facing today, but as we continue to grapple with this pandemic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) continue to be one of the most critical health problems. They amount to 71% of all deaths globally with 40% occurring in low to middle income countries.

Providing high-quality medicines alone is not enough to address the burden of NCDs. Instead, we need greater collaboration between local governments, health institutions and all parties. 

Viatris has the scale, innovation, and expertise to play a more active role in the patient’s overall journey. Our footprint is helping people live healthier, happier lives as they access the treatments they need at the right time, learn how to look after their health more effectively, and play their own individual part in helping their nations grow and prosper.

What are healthcare companies doing to shape the future of the sector within the Middle East region?

The healthcare sector across the region is very diverse. However, one commonality is that there are large opportunities to shape the future and develop improved and more equal access to treatment and health solutions to the 400 million people living in the Middle East.

Shaping the future of healthcare across the Middle East is a priority for the private and the public sectors. We must continue to invest and innovate in order to strengthen our health systems, because fostering a more resilient and inclusive healthcare system is what will move our society forward.

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