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​​​​​Research shows, affiliation with a chamber of commerce translates into business results.

If you have not already, join our members who benefit from AmCham Dubai’s business development, education, advocacy and cost-savings programs. Whether a large corporation or a small business, there’s a Chamber membership level right for your organization!

An AmCham Dubai membership is your link to the people, programs and information you need to increase your organization’s visibility and grow your business.

When you join AmCham Dubai you are joining a diverse and collaborative membership organization working together to make Dubai & the Northern Emirates the best place for business to thrive.






Member Services

We’re here to help you make the most of your membership. Whether you have been a member for years or a day, our Member Services Team is here to help you leverage your membership in ways that advance your business objectives. We have a team of talented and engaged member-focused professionals to help you:


Craft an engagement strategy - Maximize your membership!

We’ll help you create a plan that allows you to take advantage of the AmCham Dubai’s core offerings to meet your business needs at every level. 


Let us come to you -

Our team will visit your office and provide a tailored overview of membership benefits to your staff.

That’s a win-win since engaged members offer your organization a competitive advantage and enrich and diversify our programs and events.


Facilitate introductions and attendee lists -

Our Member Services Team loves making connections! We’re happy to facilitate introductions at events. Want an attendee list to review before an event? Just ask!