SME Business Builder

In an effort to deliver on our knowledge on sharing commitment, AmCham Dubai is pleased to partner with FedEx Express and launch our SME Business Builder series. The program is designed to support the development of SME's and all of our members seeking to learn the best practices across a variety of key topics.

Previous Programs Include:

SME Business Builder: The Possibilities of Talent
This program focused on thinking outside the box, learning in theory and practical applications in real organizations. Takeaway tips that enable organizations to attract and retain the right talent. Topics covered included How to Create a Winning Culture, How soft skills can make a difference in leadership, and Workplace Wellness.

SME Business Builder: Ramadan Etiquette for Business
This session was scheduled pre-Ramadan to focus on the do's and don'ts of doing business during the holy period. Small business owners shared their insights and experiences, as they frequently host culture workshops to delegations visiting Dubai. Hosted at the Etihad Museum, attendees took a tour of the various pavilions and house experience-driven exhibitions, interactive programs and education initiatives that explore the chronology of events that culminated in the unification of the Emirates in 1971.

SME Business Builder: Networking for Success
Featured in global publications such as Forbes and, Phil Bedford took the time to teach us his networking secrets to "never cold call again." During an evening at the Capital Club in Dubai, Phil took us through the best and worst networking practices he's experienced in his career.

SME Business Builder: Tech Trends for Small Businesses
This session was at in5 Tech, a shared office space for local techies. Speakers from VISA, Denison, Bulkwhiz, and GE took us through topics like maximizing ROI on social media spending and targeting the right audience, dashboard tools that showcase how technology can align culture and business performance, and business expensive and efficiencies with accounting.

SME Business Builder: PR & Reputation Management
In the social media savvy digital age there’s even more scrutiny and extra pressure to protect your company’s image and brand. It can take years to build your organization’s reputation but it can be tarnished very quickly. At this session, speakers from Cigna, FedEx, Social Station, and APCO Worldwide taught us about how strategies and tactics impact brand development, how reputation influences growth, and maximizing social media. 

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