Executive Team

Cara Nazari 
Managing Director 
The Managing Director acts as an important liaison between the Council and all internal and external stakeholders.
Helena Hyde 
Program & Events Director
In coordination with the Managing Director, this role is responsible for executing the AmCham Dubai yearly calendar of events and programs .
Cynthia Beermann 
Membership Manager 
This role is responsible for the retention of current members and administration of growth efforts of the AmCham Dubai.
Laura Goodnight
Engagement Coordinator
This role is responsible for serving as the principal liaison with our Premier Club members to ensure they are engaging and utilizing their enhanced benefits, and ensuring that all deliverables are met.
Kathy Hyde
Special Projects Coordinator
This role delivers project management, strategic planning, and implementation support for key organizational initiatives as assigned by the Managing Director.
Lilibeth Delatina
Accounts Administrator
This role supports the Managing Director with daily financial and accounting reporting as well as coordinates inventory and purchasing.
Megan Lewonowski
MarComm & Office Administration
This position is responsible for scheduling, designing and implementing social media campaigns to align with marketing strategies.